Hey this is the final paper of my entire course. I have finished them but the wo

Hey this is the final paper of my entire course. I have finished them but the wording is repetitive and the structure is not very clear. Please help me to revise the essay. In the paper I have to choose one artist and his work on that specific city. The requirement is as followed. It is due 2 pm est. Thank you very much, this essay is crucial to me.
Here is the requirement:
Your final paper will consist of about writing a longer final paper (5-6 pages). You are encouraged
to put all of your intellectual and creative energy into this project, drawing on some of the things
you have learned this semester about problems of interpretation, aesthetics, politics, and context;
and about careful reading and precise writing.
I expect original, carefully proofread, and lively essays, with well-crafted, polished sentences. This
can only be achieved by writing multiple drafts. Indicate the total word count on the bottom left
corner at the end of your essays.
You are to devise your own topic, and develop a critical thesis. Choose an artist and a city.
Concentrate on one single artist or architect working today (either born in Buenos Aires, New York,
Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City or working in one of these cities). Consider the urban planning of
your chosen city but also the diverse critical discourse produced by art critics, historians, and the
artists or architects themselves.
How do their artworks propose a new interpretation of the city? Are their works reappraisals of the
idea of the city? Or are the works simply alien, distant, mysterious?
Is the urban landscape of the city inspiring artistic experimentation? What is HIS or HER
contribution to our general reflections about that specific city? How is HE or SHE generating
Do not force links between the artist and the city—cities can also be constructions, fabrications,
The focus of your paper should not be on biography. Rather, it should be on reading artworks and
theorizing a response to the complex task of asserting meaning out of a geographical place.
In preparation for writing the paper, you must consult and refer to at least two critical/theoretical
texts we have discussed in class, as well as specific catalogue essays written on the artist that
you have selected. Excerpts from these two texts must appear either in the body of the text or in
footnotes. (You may, but do not need to, discuss writers we have discussed in our class in addition
to these two.) While there is a research component for the paper, the writing should involve your
own analysis, and your own ideas. Creativity is encouraged; rigor is essential. Make clear, when
you are citing a theorist or critic, that you have comprehended the import of his or her argument,
even if you are only quoting a small part of it.

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