Have you heard OF the Methode of IRAC? To answer a question USING IRAC? Issue Ru

Have you heard OF the Methode of IRAC? To answer a question USING IRAC?
Please the write MUST contact me before starting this people.
Assignment Question
Maya is an owner of a takeaway restaurant. She decided to incorporate online ordering system in her business to attract more customers. She started to look for a computer with advanced technology for online takeaway orders.
Maya visited her local branch of Computerworld Ltd and had chat with one of their customer service advisers called Stuart. Maya explained her requirements to Stuart who is a computer expert and advisor for desktop systems. Stuart recommended the Divine1029 to her due to it’s advanced high speed technology designed for prolonged commercial use. It also had 2 years warranty. Maya agreed to purchase Divine1029for £1250 and signed a contract of sale.
Stuart also explained about a special software called Smartorder designed for online food ordering which receives orders, sends orders to the chef and instructs the delivery driver. It can also send notifications to the customers. Mayaagreed to pay an additional £149 to purchase the Smartordersoftware that needs to be downloaded and installed from their website.
Unfortunately, the Computer proved to be unsatisfactory. Whilst the Computer seemed satisfactory on first few weeks, after one month, it started to freeze and lose all information from customer orders. After 2 months the system completely failed. Maya’s business has suffered due to this fault and she got some negative reviews for delays, all because of the faulty computer. The Smartorder software also stopped working after a week. It was mixing up orders and Maya received too many negative reviews for wrong orders being delivered to customers.
Maya demanded her money back but Computerworld refused. They pointed to the following clauses in the contract of sale in small print.
Clause 23: All conditions relating to the quality or condition of any computer are hereby excluded Computerworldundertakes no liability for defects within our products unless we are notified of them within 1 month of purchase in which case we will undertake to repair them.
Clause 24: We are not liable for any unforeseen losses caused by our products.
Maya had not read the contract fully and is now concerned as she has lost the money she invested on this computer and noticed a drop in number of customers.

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