Goal The goal for this assignment is for you to analyze and discuss the results

The goal for this assignment is for you to analyze and discuss the results of a
nonexperimental research study. After researchers collect the data for their study, they need to
analyze the data and discuss the meaning of their findings. This includes conducting the correct
statistical tests, describing the analyses accurately, describing the findings in non-statistical
terms, discussing what the findings mean for psychological theory, pointing out the limitations of
the study, and describing what research should be done in the future. This assignment puts
students in that role by describing and discussing the results of a research study.
You will write a 600-word paper analyzing the results of a mock nonexperimental
research study. A short description of the study will be provided to you. You will be provided
with the output of multiple statistical tests based on data collected for this study. You will then
write a results section and a discussion section based upon this information. Additionally, you
must also include a title page; however, this component does not count towards the word limit.
Your final paper should include the following sections.
The results section describes and summarizes the data collected from participants. The
majority of this section will be reporting the statistical analyses conducted with the data.
For this section you will be provided the correlations between all variables and one
regression analysis. You are also responsible for writing about the statistical analyses according
to APA style and in an understandable way. You must do the following things in the results
1) Describe the correlations between sleep and all other appropriate variables. You do
not need to describe the correlations between other variables. REMEMBER: not all
variables are appropriate to use in a correlation analysis. Use your knowledge of
correlations to determine if you should write a sentence about it.
2) Describe the regression analysis predicting sleep using the listed predictor variables.
REMEMBER: You need to describe the overall model and each predictor
The discussion section is an explanation for how the nonexperimental study and
statistical analyses answered the research question. The answer to the research question is based
upon whether or not the hypothesis was supported. The discussion section uses the relevant
background literature discussed in the introduction to interpret the results found in the study.
This interpretation includes how the study has contributed new knowledge to the field. Finally,
the discussion section includes an acknowledgment of the limitations of the study and
suggestions for future research.
The word limit is a minimum of 550 words and a maximum of 600 words. The paper
must follow all APA style guidelines. This includes using Times New Roman font, font size of
12, double spaced, 1-inch margins on all sides, and page numbers. The paper should be typofree. Please proofread your paper and have a friend proofread your paper. The paper must be
submitted in a Microsoft Word format (Mac Pages and PDFs are NOT allowed).

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