Global Business

Write an Analysis and Conclusion. Following your essay. Remember, do not add new information in the conclusion.

Use the support articles to expand yourunderstanding of the current situation in businesses; for example, determinewhether employers requiring employees to return to workis a wise move; or examine the circumstances that would prevent jobs from beingoutsourced. 
Following your analysis, you shouldassess how this information affects your career plans.

Starting the analysis – example
Friedberg has proposed five scenarios forthe future, so this section can easily be further expanded upon for your ownanalysis of the situation.
Friedberg explains in his conclusion thattwo of these outcomes are unlikely to occur, that another would require suchsignificant change in China that it is also improbable, and that one situationis already largely in place (regional blocs becoming more exclusive). Thatleaves the condition that Friedberg feels is most favorable (yet realistic), tobring advanced economies of democratic countries into a trading block excludingChina.

Developing an Analysis
Examining at this last and most preferreddevelopment, Friedberg also notes there will be several actors within thisframework who will object to any change because they have advantages in thecurrent system. He proposes that in order to persuade all actors to participateand forgo personal benefits, this organization will need to promote a sense oflong-term advantage as well as evidence that Chinas practices can becurtailed.
You could consider exploring the scenariowhich
Ismost preferred, to control Chinas aggressive behavior by working together witha large group of advanced and emerging economies
Ismost frightening, which would emplace China as the new global hegemon andrelegate the U.S. to the role of provider of raw materials
Orfurther development of the regional trading blocs (EU, USMCA, TPP, ASEAN)
And support your analysis with anadditional article or two on that theme 

Essay Conclusion
For your conclusion,
pulltogether (synthesize) the key points of your essay
leavethe reader with a parting thought. 
Your assessment of how these changes tothe work world affect you should help you lead to a conclusion. 
Remember, no new information in theconclusion.

Example Conclusion

Tradewith China presents clear challenges to both the U.S. economy and nationalsecurity. Chinas zero-sum approach to dealings with foreign firms and itsindifference to respecting intellectual property has created a situation wherethe U.S. and other democratic advanced economies must unite to protect acontinuation of the open-market principle. In spite of recent setbacks to the Chinese economy,there is little evidence these obstacles will hinder Chinese progress in thelong run. Only a concerted effort by the worlds major economic forces canreturn fairness and equality to the global economy.

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