The way aging is portrayed in the media can be representative of what we know about older adults or it can be a damaging stereotype. Using issues/topics covered in our class, share TWO examples of how aging is portrayed in the media (one positive and one negative). Media examples can be characters from TV shows or films, song lyrics, ads, Instagram accounts, commercials, radio spots, books, comics, etc.

  1. Describe and summarize one or more aging issue/s (for example: cognitive decline, resilience, multigenerational households, vision loss, role loss, etc) and then present one positive and one negative media portrayal: what is happening in the media and how does it represent the aging issue/s you described above? What makes you call it positive or negative? Does research support or refute what is portrayed? 

  2. Reflect critically around the media. What audience does it intend to play to or influence? What other factors might come into play (time of release, culture, stereotypes, etc)? How might it have been created or done differently to better match what you now know about aging from our readings, your research, or even your own personal experience of older adults? 

Two citations required. Yes, you may include more. No, the media you choose does not count as a resource (do not cite it APA). Do not attach any document; paste into the text box. Double-spaced, 600-1000 words. 

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