For this project I have chosen Machiavelli and Locke. I will be writing the firs

For this project I have chosen Machiavelli and Locke. I will be writing the first half of the essay. I only need assistance with the second theorist, who is Machiavelli. I will also be writing the conclusion.
So, in the attached outline, I will need everything from III (a) -(f). Bellow I have also added an excerpt from my introduction so that anyone who accepts this assignment can understand the direction of the essay.
A comparison between political theorists, John Locke and Niccolò Machiavelli reveals circumstances leading to the emergence of modern political thought and the death of feudalism. Western political concepts have traversed in no determined order through periods of ingenuity and progress as well as archaicism to arrive at today’s understanding. Ideas of social responsibility and human nature predate feudalism and absolute authority, but for lack of constitutionalism, lost their place in institutional realms. In Machiavellian politics we see the last hurrah of a pre-enlightened world, where freedom is taken for granted and claims to ownership are precarious at best. Lockean concepts present a return to moderation and classical thought, where a greater inquiry into the bonds of society is made. Modern political theory attempts to explain the past and forecast the future of government through contemporary analysis.
Machiavelli did not fully characterize the condition of mankind in his most influential work “The Prince”; but to anyone studying the treatise, it becomes immediately apparent that the author believes in a “state of war” philosophy. The emphasis placed on obligations of leadership and statehood eclipse any mention of civil relationships. Only the “Prince” may preserve harmony within the nation by deceiving and manipulating the masses. Arbitrary power does not endanger the state but enables the ruler to protect his interest, and in doing so, protect the interest of the people which is singularly intertwined with his own. Resistance to authority may not be permitted, whether unjust or not. In Machiavelli’s state, there is a pressing need to suppress forces that may threaten to confiscate or abuse natural rights and without a strong arm to wield absolute authority, these forces may never be tamed. An argument is made for the purpose of government throughout the work of Machiavelli without delving into the human necessities that created the concept of a “state”.
The philosophy expressed by Locke is more modern and comprehensive. It incorporates some of the older theories regarding social contracts while adding principles to make the idea of a “contract” more tangible and obligatory. Locke traces the origins of government to natural and egalitarian state of mankind which needs direction to adequately provide for the cultivation of society.

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