For this blog, choose one of the psychological disorders from your textbook (e.g

For this blog, choose one of the psychological disorders from your textbook (e.g., bipolar, OCD, PTSD, schizophrenia, depression etc.). Reflecting upon the learning activities you completed in this module, address the following prompts in at least two paragraphs:
For your blog, imagine you are Secretary of Health and Human Service for the United States. Write a memo to the President of the United States urging him to offer more services to address the needs of the mentally ill. You must choose one specific psychological disorder to address (i.e., bipolar, schizophrenia, PTSD).
Make sure to be specific as to the initiatives you think the President should implement in this country, as well as how these initiatives would meet the needs of the mentally ill.
Your letter should be persuasive and utilize research findings presented in the learning activities. The memo should be approximately 200-300 words.
Title your entry M15: Therapy and Treatment.
In addition to your own blog posts on the subject, I encourage you to read and perhaps even respond to a blog post from another student. While reading others and responding is not part of your grade, it will help you to better understand the material and aid with your learning.
Grades for the blog will be assigned using the PSYCH 201 Blog Rubric. I strongly encourage you to review this rubric before starting each blog assignment. This rubric is available in the right hand column of the Blog area, as well as in the course Grade Center. As well as providing well-thought-out responses to the prompts, you are expected to provide entries that demonstrate college-level writing skills; as noted in the blog rubric, grammar and spelling will count towards your grade.
Note: Each blog entry is worth 15 points, for a total of 225 points (15 points x 15 entries). There is one column in the Grade Center for your blog, so your point total continued to grow throughout the course for this assignment. Since this is your final blog entry, make sure to check out the grade center for your final grade.
Review this video Creating and Editing a Blog Entry if you need assistance with this feature.
See Calendar for due date.
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