For this assignment, you will reflect on your personal grief reactions and devel

For this assignment, you will reflect on your personal grief reactions and develop ways to support a grieving person. Then you will read and interpret a poem and propose how you might support someone who is grieving by utilizing the poem to help them begin to recognize and move forward in their grief. Because these are personal reflections you are NOT required to post references; however, you may if you feel the need.
Part 1
Reflect on losses you have experienced in your life. How did you react to the loss(es)? Did you know they were coming (anticipatory grief)? Is there anything special that specifically helped you through this time? (a friend, support group, prepared meals, crying, etc.) Write at least a paragraph on this topic.
Part 2
Now that you have reflected on your personal reactions to loss, you will discover how you can support someone through their grief process. Choose one (1) method of support from the list and describe how you could use it to support a grieving person. Identify the person you are supporting: a parent, a child, a spouse, a sibling, a friend, etc. Provide a rationale for why you chose this particular method. Write at least one (1) paragraph.
1. Acknowledging their loss
You can support a person who is expressing mixed emotions by acknowledging that relationships are complicated, that both caregiving and being sick are difficult, and that having mixed feelings is normal.
2. Leaving room for silence
It takes courage and confidence to witness deep grief and stay present, perhaps only offering a gentle touch or companioning in silence. Sometimes the mere presence of another human can be comforting.
3. Individualizing care
Every grieving person has a unique grief experience and requires individualized care. Your compassionate response to each person will indicate that there are many normal ways to express grief and many ways to support a person in their grief
4. Making room for tears
Crying is a normal, healthy response to grief. Sometimes, other people’s tears will trigger your own. This is normal and can be very comforting to the other person because they can see that you understand.

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