For this assignment, I’d like you to consider material from the film, “Suture,”

For this assignment, I’d like you to consider material from the film, “Suture,” in the context of theories
of personality covered in our course. The paper should be at least one page (not including the header),
double-spaced, with 11- or 12-point font. You have the option to focus on one theory (in detail) or
multiple theories, and you are welcome to address any content you believe would be relevant to
understanding the personalities of characters in the film. The purpose of this assignment is not to review
the film (although you are welcome to share a sentence or two about your personal reaction to it), but
rather to demonstrate your ability to comprehend the real-world relevance of course concepts and
apply your knowledge to the events depicted in the film.
You may wish to address dynamic, psychoanalytic, biological, cognitive, interactionist, behavioral, trait,
or humanistic theories. Points will be deducted for missing one of the two days in which the film was
presented in class, inaccurate or vague descriptions of material relevant to the psychology of
personality, excessive reliance on opinion or “pop psychology” interpretations, mechanical errors in
writing, and otherwise not following instructions.
Please be creative and insightful! Submit your assignment through the “Turnitin” link located on the
“Suture Paper” page in Blackboard. Late assignments will not be accepted.

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