For each presentation (that’s not your own), write an analysis of what you’ve le

For each presentation (that’s not your own), write an analysis of what you’ve learned [2 analyses of other teams’ presentations]
In each analysis (each worth 10 pts), include:
1. New things that you learned from other teams’ presentations (this is when what you wrote on Tuesday helps)
2. Using your own words, how is your understanding of what happened in the past or other parts of the world help understand adolescents’ achievements in contemporary society. Whenever possible, cite your work using the textbook.
3. What else would you do differently? What would you add to their presentation? What question(s) remain unanswered? *refer to the topic requirement for each team*PLEASE do not say there is nothing you’d do differently/ nothing to add. Whenever possible, cite your work using the textbook. Some keywords that you can include (but are not limited to): Achievement motivation, delay of gratification, fear of failure, self-handicapping, mastery and performance motivations, stereotype threat, self-efficacy, achievement attributions, learned helplessness, economic, cultural, and social capitals.
Make sure that you cite using proper APA.
Team 2’s presentation
Topic: School segregation. Research on Brown vs. Board of Education and Mendez vs. Westminster. Educational research shows differences in experience, access, and outcomes across racial groups. Some groups are advantaged, and others are disadvantaged. One of the concepts used to explain racial differences: racialization, is a taken-for-granted term that is yet to be fully defined in the school context. When discussing racialization in terms of education: we should discuss the disparities in SES, wealth, opportunity, and stereotypes. Elaborate on this and provide CLEAR examples of how racialization impacts adolescents’ academic achievement/attainment/aspiration.
Team 3’s presentation
Topic: United States students fare poorly in international comparisons. What are the reasons for poor achievement in the U.S? What are other countries doing that is different than the U.S? Provide clear differences between other countries’ education systems vs. the United States education system and how it affects students’ achievement/attainment/aspiration.

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