Follow Direction Below… This is the revised version. You need to examine two r

Follow Direction Below… This is the revised version. You need to examine two regions, not three. How do different places experience global issues? What geographical factors, whether they are physical, political, economic, or cultural, affect how issues are experienced in different places? For this project, you will examine an issue or topic and how it is being experienced in two different regions in the world. For example, you could compare the effects of climate change on Canada and Greece, or Greece and the Maldives (a country of islands in the Indian Ocean). Or flip that and look at two countries that are using different kinds of renewable energy. You could look at deforestation, and efforts to prevent it, or approaches to conserving water use. You could examine effects of climate change on agriculture in different parts of the world, or if you are tired of thinking about people, how climate change is affecting different animal species. You don’t have to look at climate change. COVID-19 is another global issue being experienced differently—and yet similarly—in countries across the world. The pandemic has also affected the global economy, with different impacts in different places. For example, places such as Jamaica, Thailand, and Spain, had their important travel and tourism economy disrupted. How has that affected people who work in those businesses? How else has work been disrupted or changed in different countries? You can choose to look at social and cultural conditions in different places around the world, such as gender expectations, women’s rights, LGBQT rights, minority populations. If you’re not sure what topic to look at, and you don’t want to do climate change, you can go to and look through the different topics there.

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