First, read the following article. Use these quotes to inform your essay but do

First, read the following article.
Use these quotes to inform your essay but do not cite them.
“The most common way for languages to get a writing system is through people having contact with another language which already has a writing system.” David Barton, from Literacy, toward an ecology of language.
“We have learned basically nothing from them because we don’t even see that they have any useful information. That is totally incorrect.” Ecologist Charles Peters, from the interview with Yale Environment 360 (see above)
“An invasive species is an introduced organism that becomes overpopulated and negatively alters its new environment. Although their spread can have beneficial aspects, invasive species adversely affect the invaded habitats and bioregions, causing ecological, environmental, and/or economic damage.” Wikipedia definition
What happens when a (powerful) literate culture comes in contact with a non-literate culture? What are some of the gains and losses for each? Use the examples of the Hawaiians and the Cherokee in your discussion.
Refer to the sources we have covered this semester. Summarize or paraphrase, keeping actual quotes to a minimum. If you do use a quote, cite correctly. Your essay should be 600 words Make sure your formatting is correct (see essay formatting template in course materials), your sentences are complete and your paragraphs coherent. This is not an “opinion” (though you can present an argument) but you can conclude with a statement of how you feel about what you have learned. I can’t submit additional materials for some reason. Please if I could email?

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