FINANCIAL ANALYSIS PROJECT (This week you are starting this project, follow the

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS PROJECT (This week you are starting this project, follow the instructions outlined below, turn into Canvas)
OBTAIN THE FOLLOWING FINANCIAL REPORTS and THE 10-K; PREPARED BY YOUR COMPANY: Last 4 years of CONSOLIDATED balance sheets, Last 4 years of CONSOLIDATED income statements. Last 3 years of CONSOLIDATED statements of cash flows. Cover page from the most recent annual report or form 10-K.
The annual report or 10-k is probably on the company’s website. Other sources include the SEC website (, Wall Street Journal or Yahoo Finance. Turn in only the pages required not the whole documents.
Find 5 current articles (last 12 months) about the company or its industry. Prepare a short analysis (1 OR 2 PARAGRAPHS each) on why the article is significant for the company and how it might affect your analysis. This is original research about the company or the company’s industry and competitors. Include citing of the article. Attach reference for the article. (THESE ARE NOT ANALYSTS OPINIONS OF THE COMPANY. Do not use Motley Fool or Seeking Alpha or Wiki-Invest or similar investment analysis websites for these articles)
Obtain a copy of the transcript of your company’s most recent earnings call. Summarize the key items discussed and how they will affect your analysis. (Include a reference)
EXAMINE THE 10-K and/or ANNUAL REPORT List and explain 4 key pieces of UNIQUE information contained in the reports.
List at least 2 unique details from each report and the page number where found in the report. If you do not have an annual report select the 4 pieces of information from the reports or articles that you obtained. Explain why and how you will use the information in your report (1-2 paragraph per piece of information). As an example, if your company is Starbucks, you may find out that the company is planning to open 300 stores in 2022 in Africa.

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