Final Essay: Media 180, Fall 2021—Due 12/19/21 This writing assignment tests you

Final Essay: Media 180, Fall 2021—Due 12/19/21 This writing assignment tests your critical thinking skills and the ability to connect sections of the assigned reading material and with clarity and develop an argument that examines the changing relationships between the individual, society, and the communications media. ——————————————————————————– Explain how the changes from the television culture of the 1950s through the 1970s to today’s internet and streaming culture affected relationships between individuals and American society and how an individual’s knowledge and background affect experiences, values, or choices. Your essay should have three distinct, separate sections: (1) Begin with a brief description of over-the-air television’s common-denominator programs, emphasizing corporate control and the attention-selling model of making money. (2) Then describe how this model works with the range of streaming and social media fare available these days. (3) Finally, explain the significant differences between television and web culture, including legal and self-regulatory limits and options. In writing about the shifting communications structure from over-the-air television to cable to streaming to social media sites, you should connect your answer to other concepts we’ve been exploring. These include the ethics and underlying premises of stereotyping, racial representations, changing gender roles, and pertinent aspects of media law. The latter includes the dilemma created by Section 230 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act and limitations on judges and legislators by the Brandenburg incitement criteria and the high court ruling in the Elonis case. The material for your response should come directly from the assigned reading and the discussion and plenary sessions—but be entirely in your own words (no direct quotes). Your answer should be in three distinct, clearly identifiable parts, with a total of no less than 600 and no more than 700 words. Each section of your three-part answer should not only be separated, but also clearly labeled. We shall deduct points for unclear writing, poor organization, spelling and grammar errors, and generally not meeting the minimum college writing standards. If you struggle with writing, make sure to seek assistance from the Hunter College Reading/Writing Center. For information about the center’s services and current operating hours, visit its website: Reading: Making sense of media: A cultural-historical approach by Robert Stanley

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