Feel free to make up the schedule as long as you can finish this essay, the rubr

Feel free to make up the schedule as long as you can finish this essay, the rubric and log will be up loaded
One of the key steps to becoming more media literate is to grow aware of your own media consumption habits and your motivations for those habits. This short paper is intended to help you develop this awareness.
For 12 consecutive hours, track your interactions with media. Media include television, film, radio, books, newspapers, magazines, Internet, mobile phones and others. These interactions should include both interpersonal mediated communication and mass communication. REMEMBER: Media is not just the internet. Make sure you include all forms of media you consume, whether passively or actively. They might include (but certainly are not limited to!) any of the following:
Sending text messages or e-mail through a cell phone
Talking on a cell phone
Watching a television show on a TV, computer, or another device
Listening to the radio or music on a radio, computer, or another device
Listening to a podcast
Going to a movie in the theater
Watching a movie on a TV, computer, or another device
Reading a book in print or on another device (e-reader, phone)
Checking the news online or on television
Reading a newspaper (in print or online)
Surfing the internet on a computer or mobile device
Keep a log of these interactions and note the following information:
Start time
End time
Type of media viewed*
Technology(ies) used
Alone or with company
General mood
*i.e. film, commercial, television show, tweet, and the like
Once you have completed your log, add up these totals:
Hours you spent interacting with media
Number of texts you consumed or created
Number of types of media you consumed
Number of types of technology you used
Next, read through your log and your totals carefully. Do you notice any patterns in the types of texts, moods, technologies, or other categories? Do you think this log fits a “typical” schedule for you? If not, what makes it different and why? Does any of the information surprise you? If so, why? Overall, what is your reaction to your log and why? What have you learned about your media consumption habits in keeping it? Will you change any of your habits as a result? Why or why not?
Using one or two of these questions as a guide, develop a thesis and write your paper. Be sure to include a proper introduction and conclusion. In your introduction, you must include the totals of hours, shows and technology types along with your thesis. Use specific examples from your log to support your main points. In your conclusion consider if and how doing this log shows you anything surprising or revealing about your media consumption habits.
Avoid providing a recount of your entire log. Instead, use your thesis to narrow down the focus of this short paper and use examples from the log to support your points.
Avoid trying to cram your answers to all the above prompt questions into your paper. Your thesis will be your primary guide for the paper’s content, but do not feel compelled to answer all those questions. Answer the ones that relate to your thesis instead.
Additional Information
Attached to this descriiption, you will find additional information related to this assignment:
Grading rubric
Log sheet

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