Explain 2 quotes from the play Antigone

The essay must be at least two pages double spaced. You must have at least four paragraphs, including an introduction and a conclusion. Put the title and author in the inroduction.

Use citations for quotes from the text. There must be a Works Cited list from uploaded play at the end of the paper.

Question: There are many themes in “Antigone” by Sophocles. Select two that are relevant to the play and write an essay identifying them using actions of characters and quoted lines from the play.

Theme #1- Misogyny (quote I’m using)Ismenes advice to Antigone Remember we are women; were not born to

contend with men. (74,75) 2nd paragraph

Theme #2- Bribery( quote I’m using) Creon accuses Tiresias. Spit it out! Just dont speak it out of profit. Profit? No,

not a bit of profit, not for you. (1178,1179)3rd paragraph

Has to be the uploaded version of Antigone( NO OTHER VERSION)Antigone(ca. 441 B.C.E.) By Sophocles (city-state of Athens, present-day Greece)Translated from the Greek by Robert Fagles

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