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Remix Instructions | English 12 

Due Tuesday Feb 15 

IMPORTANT! Your essay is not complete until you remix it and explain your remix intentions (see the syllabus). This part of the work is included in the 60 points you earn from drafting the essay.

You wrote a paper. But who did you write the paper for? What about everyone else? Surely, other folks could benefit from your ideas and research, right? 

Remixing Your Essay: To remix something means that you create a different version of something. In this case, youre going to remix your essay you wrote during this winter module and convert it into a flier, poster, infographic, or social media post using Canva (a free design platform). This is supposed to be a fun, creative, and innovative assignment. The best way to start is to review your paper and think about who your audience will be.

For instance, Is there a group, a community, an organization, a politician you want to adapt your paper for? Just make sure its an adaptation of your essay. You cannot change your topic at this point. 

One example of a remix could be a bilingual infographic that shares important information from your essay to this other audience. 

Canva: This is a site that offers free design templates for fliers, posters, infographics, and social media posts. Its a pretty easy and straightforward site to navigate. USE ONLY THE FREE STUFF. 

Intention Letter: The remix must be accompanied by a 1-2 page Intention Letter that explains how you adapted your essay using Canva; Who was this remix for? Explain why you chose this particular genre format (flier, poster, infographic, social media post) for your specific audience; Explain why you chose this particular audience. 

Start your letter

Dear Michelle or Professor Gabay, 

Submitting to Bb – Due Tuesday Feb 15 

Use this assignment link to submit:

  1. Attachment of your essay Remix
  2. “Write submission” for your Intention Letter when you’re ready to post. (Because Bb is so unreliable, you should write the Intention Letter on a separate document and copy/paste it when you’re ready to submit.


Start your letter with Dear Michelle or Professor Gabay,

Submitting to Bb – Save your Remix as a free PDF and attach it to the submission.

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