ESSAY QUESTION Drawing on the Learning Objectives from the course (see below) an

Drawing on the Learning Objectives from the course (see below) and your research writing journey for the class, discuss how your writing has developed this semester. In your answer, consider some of the following questions:
What are some key research writing strategies you expected to study this semester? Which strategies or lessons from the course will you continue to implement in future research and writing beyond this course? How will you apply the lessons learned academically and/or professionally?
What are some challenges you faced this semester through research & writing? And how did you address these challenges and achieve your goals?
In what ways do you see your writing meeting the Learning Objectives for the course?
What are some key areas of growth? How do you measure your success? Are there any particular challenges you feel you still wish to explore as a writer?
Your thesis should make an argument exploring your research writing journey through the course. You may describe, refer to, and analyze your writing in your papers. Think of your own papers as potential source texts—draw examples with summary, paraphrase and/or quotations as you discuss your research and writing process.
While there is no “correct” response to this task, the best essays will be those that thoughtfully and substantively reflect on your progress and process as a writer.
● Identify, define and develop a focused research topic
● Conduct library, academic database, and Internet research and evaluate sources
● Demonstrate the ability to summarize, paraphrase, and quote, as appropriate
● Synthesize material from multiple sources
● Document using MLA or APA format, both in-text and in a Works Cited or References list
● Demonstrate an ability to revise written work through drafting and staged assignments.
i attached 2 of my papers so you can go back and reference.

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