Empirical Paper. For this paper, you will include an intro paragraph, a brief d

Empirical Paper.
For this paper, you will include an intro paragraph, a brief descriiption of the method for your data collection, and then the bulk of your paper will be a write-up of your data analysis and the results from it. Including a discussion section in your first draft is optional (we know we did not say this was required in data meetings, and no points will be taken off if you do not include it, but it will be helpful to you to go ahead and think through this section). Please see attached the results and discussion sections for two sample papers: correlational study (pp. 36-41 is the results section only) and experimental study (
-Brief Introduction
Introduces the purpose of the study. Includes research questions and hypotheses.
Text includes high level overview of design, methods, and major findings.
Text includes critique and recommendations for future research.
Sections are organized according to APA style. Study design is identified.
Participants section includes number of participants, recruitment method, and demographics.
All instruments are described fully. Validity and reliability evidence is provided if available. Samples of materials are provided.
Procedure section is written so that the study can be replicated; the reader can understand everything that happened to the participant.
Study design is explained. If an experiment or quasi-experiment, experimental manipulation is clear. Conditions and variables clearly defined. If corelational, predictors and outcomes are clearly defined.
Results Points for this section will be doubled if the Discussion (see below) is not included in this paper (i.e., if Results only, this section will be worth 24 points instead of 12 points)
Questions motivating each analysis are clear.
Analyses used are appropriate for the questions.
Statistics are formatted and reported according to APA format.
Statistics are interpreted correctly.
Only results are reported; no extraneous information.
Discussion: This section is optional. Per our data meetings, it is not required, but it will be helpful for you to think through as you prepare for Paper 4. If you choose not to do this section at this time, the points for the Results section will be doubled so that you are not loosing points from this section.
Original hypotheses are restated and evaluated in light of the results of the study.
Inferences and generalizations are appropriate based on the specifics of the study/results.
Weaknesses of study are discussed, and are connected to specific findings (i.e., state clearly how a specific weakness explains a specific finding.)
Future research directions are discussed and related to specific findings and weaknesses of the study.
General Points
Paper is formatted according to APA style.
Punctuation and grammar are clear and correct.
Word choice is appropriate.
Tables are formatted correctly and contain correct data
Reference section is formatted correctly.
***** My professor shared this guideline for an empirical paper, I also uploaded the grading rubric for this paper
I did not choose wether this will be a correlational or experimental research, you can choose, if you have any questions please ask.

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