Edouard Manet: Luncheon in the Grass Discuss each survey text in approximately 2

Edouard Manet: Luncheon in the Grass
Discuss each survey text in approximately 200 words. See what the author has focused on,
how the author positions the artwork, etc. So in 5 x 200 words you discuss the
characteristics of these survey texts individually. In the remaining 500 words you connect
and compare the surveys. Leave some room to introduce the object in a few introducing
sentences. Finish the text with a concluding remark.
Introduce the artwork: present the factual information like dimensions, materials and
place/collection where it is kept.
When you analyze how the different surveys speak about the work of art, you may wonder:
– What does the survey emphasize: the style of the object, its reception, the political
implications? Does it zoom in on the artwork, on its formal aspects or interpretation?
Does it focus on cultural context, on iconography?
– Does the author explain why the artwork (or artist) has an important place in art
history and why?
– Does the author say the artwork is ‘innovative’? What is meant with innovation? Be
critical towards those terms.
– What movement is the artist or the group of artists considered to be part of?
– Are the shapes, colors, composition of the artwork described? Why is such a
descriiption important? Compare this descriiption with the actual image of the artwork.
– Is the artwork compared to other artworks that were created somewhere else?
– What is mentioned about the patron and/or the original function of the artwork?
– What influence is the object said to have had on others? What does the author mean by
– What is mentioned about the technique? What is the significance of technical details
for an understanding of the artwork?
– What does the author say about the way in which the artwork should be interpreted?

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