Edgar Allan Poe

For this exercise, I am asking you to use your great research skills and find out all you can about Edgar Allan Poe. Use the guiding questions below to assist you with this task. Your final submission should be a summary in an MLA formatted document. Must have a works cited page and in-text citations when needed.

*Authoritative Sources ONLY! college-level sources that means you must have named authors who must be experts in the field.  Never use .com sources as they were created to sell things. Often, .org sites have an agenda and, therefore, a bias.  .edu sites might be attached to an educational institution but that does not guarantee that an essay published there was written by a professor or that the essay is in final draft form.



1.      Author name 


2.      Place of birth


3.      Date of birth 


4.      Date of death (if applicable)


5.      Place of death (if applicable)


6.      Burial location (if mentioned)


7.Interesting facts about this author’s childhood (parents, siblings, people that influenced them, interests, etc.) 


8.Place(s) where this author lived. Include dates and explain how each place influenced them.


9.How did this author become inspired to write? (What events happened in their life to make them become a writer or to make them write the way they do/did, e.g., education, work experiences, historical events, family life, lost love, etc.)


10.Where applicable, explain any obstacles this writer faced, such as character flaws, conflicts with other people or with society, prejudice, mental or physical illness, etc.


11.How successful was this author during his/her lifetime? (Did they win awards, earn money, become popular, etc. from their work? Were they successful at something besides writing?) Be sure list the author’s accomplishments throughout their lifetime. 


12.If the author wasn’t successful or popular at the time of their death, explain how and why they are still well known today (Who revived their work? When? etc.).


13.Why is this author considered influential? (What was/is unique or revolutionary about their writing?) If possible, name other authors or literary movements who were influenced by this author.


14.Identify five (5) characteristics of this author and give specific examples of when they demonstrated these characteristics. You should focus on their personal life and professional life only. Do not discuss characteristics of the author’s literary works as they have already been discussed above.

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