*Each discussion response should be at least 75 words min Discussion 1 Developin

*Each discussion response should be at least 75 words min
Discussion 1
Developing ones emotional qualities of both themselves and others in their organization is paramount to effective leadership. In order to properly motivate their team, a leaders emotional capabilities work in tandem with intellectual skillsets (Daft, 2018). Harnessing an ability to lead with both the head and the heart helps to form whole leaders (Daft, 2018). Components of emotional intelligence create a working relationship between a leader and his team. A team typically wants to work for a person and not just a set of tasks and functions. The only true method for this to occur is for the leader to develop the components such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management (Daft, 2018). The fundamentals of emotional intelligence can be learned and developed through experience in the same fashion as hard skills. A leader can have all the knowledge and experience in the world, but it is the soft skills within an array of emotional intelligence that will help create buy-in from the team. In addition, a leader with a high emotional intelligence will understand the need and application of considering an employees ideas or concerns on a case by case basis rather than merely applying any standards that could be counter to the team or organizations goals. Emotional intelligence allows for required adaptability.
As a student, facing various pressures to do that right thing become a definite possibility. In addition to their obligation to their school work, a student may also have to balance their education with obligations to their job, career, as well as any other previous commitments. A student may seek to take an easier route, especially if they witness other students taking such a path. However, a student must still follow rules and policies set forth by the university. In addition, as a student engages with his peers and establishes those relationship, one must be careful not to allow such relationships to hinder their academic goals. As a leader, such pressures are compounded further. This is true due to the fact that a leader is not only responsible for their own pressures and actions, but are also responsible to the pressures and actions of those within their team and influence. A student does not have to address conflicts, but a leader must swiftly and carefully address any conflicts and concerns within a team or they will move the team off a path that would allow them to complete their goals. When a student commits an error, this error will typically only result in negative impacts for the student. However, a leader can make a mistake that not only results in negative results for them, but also for every member of the team. This burden can put significant pressure on a leader.
Discussion 2
I think developing the emotional qualities of yourself and the other people in the organization is very important as a leader. To be a leader you should be able to understand and empathize with other’s feelings along with knowing how to handle your own emotions when things go a different direction than expected. A leader should know how to identify these emotions and how to work with someone through them in order to avoid issues within the company. Being self-aware of your own emotions allows a leader to know how to control their own emotions, knows how their emotions will affect others, and can better execute them. These are all very important so that a leader can avoid attacking others based on emotions. Developing emotional qualities of others around you allows you to put yourself in someone else’s position for a minute and be open-minded about your decision making. Also having these emotional qualities allows great improvement to your communication skills. This allows you to calmly communicate with others in the company leading to better results. Therefore, I think developing emotional qualities of yourself and other people in the organization is one fo the most important skills a leader could have. 
There are many pressures a student may face that can challenge their ability to do the right thing.  Some of these pressures a student can face can include cheating on work, not following campus guidelines because others aren’t. Sometimes these pressures feel hard to go against because you don’t want to feel like the odd one out with your friends or a class may be extremely hard and you feel like you won’t make it through the class if you don’t look up the answers or get them from someone else. Yes I do think there is way more pressure as a leader. When you are a leader you have the responsibility to do the right thing, make the right decisions, and help people along the way as well. It’s less about yourself and more about others. I feel like being a student is more about yourself which leads to less pressure. Leaders may also have other outside factors going on in their lives but they are still expected to show up and lead functionally. Then there will always be tough calls to make as leader and some people might not agree with you in your decision which can also be pressuring.

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