domestic violence

locate three (3) EMPIRICAL* articles that could be useful to you as you consider how to go about answering your research question, why your research question needs answering, and what is already known about your research subject. Your articles must be empirical, they must be from peer-reviewed journals, and you must have access through HML to the full article, not just the abstract.

*Remember, an empirical article is one detailing a study in which the author(s) of that article collected and analyzed data themselves. In the article they detail the steps they took in collecting and analyzing their data, they provide the results of their study and they discuss what those results mean.

Create a document in which you place your hypothesis at the top*, and then you, for each of the three articles:

  1. Provide the full reference citation for the article
  2. Copy and paste the ABSTRACT (and ONLY the abstract) into your document
  3. Provide a brief, 1- to 3-sentence explanation in your own words of specifically how this article might be useful to you in creating your study.

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