domestic supply writing assignment

Purpose: The purpose of this report is to give you experience in writing a brief research report, including data in a table. The research should give you an idea of one of the issues businesses face when attempting to source entirely with domestic sources.


Assignment: Many students criticize US companies for sourcing overseas. Certainly, some of the dangers of global sourcing became apparent in the global pandemic. However, the decision to source internationally is not lightly made and can be complicated. How serious are you about domestic sourcing?


In this assignment, you will shop online for domestically sourced clothing to outfit you for one week at work. The attached file provides the specifics and format of the assignment.


Format: The report should be roughly two pages, but no more than three. Use 12-point Arial or Georgia font, double-spaced, one-inch margins all around (hint – this document uses 12-point Arial font). The file should be in Word format with filename yourlastnameDomesticSC.docx. The report should conform to the format on the next page.


The document must include the following items

·        Correct header including From line, To line, Date, and Subject

·        An Introductory Paragraph including content indicated in the example

·        A Table showing what you chose (refer to Figure 1 in the example)

·        A Summary Paragraph including the content stated in the example

·        A Comment Section where you comment on what you learned from this exercise


Use good grammar. Get help if you need it (Grammarly is one option that is offered to MTSU students at no cost). Use expressive and professional language.




From: {Your Name}

To: {Your Professor}     

Date: {Current Date}

Subject: Domestic Clothing Supply Chain Writing Assignment


{Introductory Paragraph – Include a brief introductory paragraph that describes the type of clothing you will be choosing. (You are to choose five business-casual outfits, plus accessories: two pairs of business-appropriate footwear, five socks, and five handkerchiefs or other accessories. Add one belt. (If you decide to substitute a dress for blouse and pants (or skirt), then add an accessory, so you still have the same number of items.) All clothes should be made in the United States, not just sold by a US company.) Ideally, you will vary your suppliers rather than pick all pants from the same supplier, etc. You can choose one more casual outfit that is not technically business casual for casual Friday, but it should still be business appropriate. As much as possible, give the location and supplier.  An image or two would be a good addition.}


Figure 1:  My Domestic Clothing Supply Chain



Mfg Location



Outfit One

Blue, button-down oxford cloth shirt

Joe’s Union-made Shirts

Collegeville, PA



Khaki slacks

Fancy Dan’s Khakis

Cleveland, OH



Outfit Two

Note that you will have five outfits, not two. Expand the table accordingly.
















Shoes (1)





Shoes (2)
















Note: Your table must have five outfits.


{Summary Paragraph – summarizing how much you spent, your reaction to the experience, and the amount spent compared to your current budget for five outfits. Include the most difficult to find items and the general location of the manufacturers. Comment on which (if any) of the items you will seriously consider buying and why. }

{Comment – comment on what you learned from the exercise. (Maybe “I learned nothing” is truthful at first, but if it is, study harder and learn something.)}

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