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1. This post explores the concept of mens rea.  Please review the article "Mens Rea – A Defendant’s Mental State" and podcast titled "Rochester, 1991." Please also review the concept of mens rea in Chapter 3 of your text. Note that voluntary manslaughter typically requires the mens rea of intent to kill, but in the sudden heat of passion. 

2. For your discussion post, please consider and answer the following questions: 1) What does mens rea mean? 2) We typically do not know exactly what a defendant is thinking when they commit a crime. What factors do you think can help determine the mens rea of a defendant at the time of the act? 3) Based on what you heard in the podcast "Rochester 1991", including Kim Dadou’s statements about the incident as well as the six entry wounds, what do you think her mens rea might have been at the time of the shooting? 4) Do you agree with the outcome of her case and sentence? Why or why not?  

3. Make sure to answer all questions and if you refer to an article or to the video, make sure to use the title. In order for your post to qualify for full credit it must be at least 250 words long. 

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