Discuss 2 Questions

Question 1:

First, read the following manifesto by Kathleen Hanna: “Riot Grrrl Manifesto” 

In MLA format, write a single paragraph of 12-15 sentences. Be sure to include the following in your paragraph:
– Begin by introducing the main idea (or topic sentence) of your paragraph.
– Before quoting her work, introduce the author, Kathleen Hanna, and the title of her manifesto, “Riot Grrrl Manifesto.”
– Note: after introducing her for the first time, simply refer to the author as Hanna, not Kathleenand not Kathleen Hanna.
– In your paragraph, quote and analyze two passages. Be sure to follow the rules of MLA format.
Analyze Hanna’s manifesto, focusing specifically on any of the following:

– appeals to pathos, ethos, and/or logos
– emotional fallacies (scare tactics, either/or choices, slippery slope, overly sentimental appeals, or bandwagon appeals)
– ethical fallacies (appeals to false authority, dogmatism, ad hominem arguments, or stacking the deck)
– logical fallacies (hasty generalization, faulty causality, begging the question, equivocation, non sequitur, straw man, red herring, or faulty analogy).
Question 2:
Please write a paragraph (12 sentences or more) that includes two direct quotes:
In your paragraph, identify and quote two claims (of fact, policy, or value) found in Kathleen Hanna’s “Riot Grrrl Manifesto.” 
In your analysis, respond to some of the following questions:
Are Hanna’s claims valid (i.e., reasonable) or invalid (i.e., unreasonable)? Explain.
Do her claims strengthen or weaken her argument? Explain.

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