Overview: The purpose of this essay is to make an original argument and support it with evidence. The essay must choose a position on the topic, synthesize sources, and address and refute counterarguments.
Grading: The assignment will be graded using the attached rubric and is worth 15% of the overall grade.
Task and Purpose: Working with a topic of your choosing, you will write an essay that uses at least five sources showing how the sources together help the reader understand more about your topic. Your essay will include
  • An introduction that ends with your original thesis statement that makes an argument about the research findings.
  • Supporting body paragraphs with developed topic sentences where multiple sources are used in each paragraph to support your research findings. Supporting source ideas (paraphrases and quotations) are properly cited with in-text citations and on the works cited page.
  • Paragraphs in which counterarguments are addressed.
  • A concluding paragraph that restates the thesis and challenges the reader to think deeper or take action,
  • An MLA style works cited page that lists includes the proper title and an entry for the article in MLA format with the hanging indent if needed.
Audience: The essay should be written for an academic or intellectual audience, which means that first person (I, me, my, and our) nor second person (you and your) pronouns should be used.
Length Requirements and Sources:  The essay should be at six three pages or more than 1800 words, not including the works cited page. You must include at least three sources located in the library databases. At least one source must be from a peer-reviewed source.
Format: MLA formatting is required. Your finished paper should be double spaced with an MLA heading in the upper left (name, instructor, course, date) and a title centered between the heading and the paragraph.

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