Description Research one field or real world problem that biological anthropolog

Research one field or real world problem that biological anthropologists are involved in and that you find most interesting (for example forensics, human rights work, undocumented migrant deaths, genetics, conservation or the study of primates, the bushmeat crisis and anthropologists’ role in problem solving, public health work, emergency/natural or unnatural disaster responders, etc.).
PowerPoint Presentation (NOT GOOGLE SLIDES)
Create a PowerPoint (15-20 slides). Each slide must have an in-depth audio explanation or a written explanation in the notes section. Do NOT use google slides, there are too many issues with submitting these and getting access, etc. You can download PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office software for FREE as a PCC student. Here is the LINK
Questions to Address in Your Work:
The following questions must be answered (and do not necessarily have to be answered in this order):
Describe the specific field or problem that you are focusing on.
Provide background information about the problem for context.
What kind of anthropological work does this role entail?
Is the work year-round, on-call, project-based, etc.?
What real world problems/questions does it solve/answer? (provide a specific example).
Why did you pick this topic?
You are required to find at least one scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal article, find at least one additional legitimate outside source, and utilize your textbook and any reading materials provided in class. The peer- reviewed publication has to be within the past five years (2017-2021). A minimum of two sources are required.
Do not use Wikipedia as a reference.
Use the PCC’s libraryLinks to an external site. to search for academic sources (articles, books, videos) as reference. You can also use other educational websites.
Make sure to properly cite your references.
Edit, edit, edit!!! This is your final assignment, make an effort and make sure your work is free of errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
If you choose to do your project on the bushmeat crisis, you can address the following in your work:
What is the country you are investigating?
Explain the current factors associated with the bushmeat crisis. Other animals are most likely impacted by the killing for food, but offer specifics concerning primate species and the commercialization of meat in this territory.
Is the meat from primates considered a delicacy? Why has the amount of hunting increased in recent history?
Summarize the political, economic, and social factors leading to the bushmeat crisis.
Describe, in detail, the scientific analysis of the crisis and any means to reduce the killing of endangered animals for commercialized meat.
What is the role of the anthropologist in this problem?

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