Defining key terms

Description. The keywords assignment is a translation exercise that encourages students to display knowledge of details in the readings and to build fluency of some of the themes and important terms explored in class. Instructions. Terms should be defined in clear, jargon-free language in no more than four sentences. The first sentence of each entry should define the term. The second and third sentences extend the definition, or basic identification, and should explain the relevance of the term to the study of religious dimensions in human experience. Be sure to reference the source of the term in your answers.
Choose TEN from the following 15 terms/images and identify them and explain their significance in no more than four complete sentences. Each answer is worth 3 points; there is a maximum of 30 points in this part. Half of the points will be granted for accurately situating the term/image in time (when?), space (where?), and history (who, what?), as appropriate. Half of the points will derive from the accurate explanation of the cultural and historical significance of the term/image. The total length of this section should be within 3 pages, double-spaced. Feel free to bullet point your answers. Pick 10 out of the following 15 terms. 1. Song of the Messiah 2. Creature Feeling 3. Collective Effervescence4. Heyoka Ceremony 5. Wovoka 6. Internalization7. Redressive Actions
8. Mother Goose 9. Peter Berger 10. Prince11. Richard Schechner12. There is no ascent to truth without a descent to cases. 13. The Sixth Grandfather14. Zoot suiter 15. Nio Fidencio

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