Current Event Abstracts Description/Requirements: During the course, there are

Current Event Abstracts
During the course, there are four abstracts on current events in the Information Technology area are to be submitted. Detailed below are minimum requirements for composition and format of submitted abstracts. Abstracts are technical summaries of current articles selected from IT industry journals and magazines. Articles selected must have been published within one month of the assignment date. No duplicate abstracts are allowed. Write your abstract on an article that focuses on a technology in one of the industry categories listed below.
An Abstract should consist of:
1.) Not the full article, nor selected paragraphs, but a summary in your words of important points as noted below. No quotes allowed.
2.) Use Underlined Headings to visually separate concepts, views, ideas, etc.
3.) Font = Arial 11 point Line Spacing = Single
4.) The abstract should be less than 2 pages. The desired length is one page, but up to two pages is acceptable.
Required Headings:
Each submitted abstract should include the following:
Title of Article:
Date of Article:
Author Name and Company:
Summary of the event, action, or decision:
Students Analysis: (what will be the impact, benefits, limitations, etc.)
Industry Category:
Data Management Systems
Federal Regulations
Operating Systems
Message Systems
Cyber Security
Submitted by: (Name, Date, Time)
URL Link to the original article

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