CRJ 108 – Police and the Community – Final Project – Spr 2022 This Final Project

CRJ 108 – Police and the Community – Final Project – Spr 2022
This Final Project is the final exam. For this project you will be completing a modified Action Research Project. The goal of this project is to apply the core concepts presented during the semester to a real world and current police-community issue.
To successfully complete this assignment each student should:
1. Select / discuss / define / data on one topic from the list below. (10pts)
2. Develop a research question that combines the chosen topic and Community Policing. (20pts)
3. Use at least 5 college level resources that relate to your research question….1 source must be your textbook. (20pts)
4. Locate and summarize an example of a police department that has tried to or has implemented a program that is an example your research (question). Include if the example was a success or not and why. (20pts)
5. Critical Reflection- analyze the research sources (#3) and the example (#4) as they relate to your research and discuss the potential of this idea actually working. Must integrate several core Community Policing elements. (30pts)
List of Topic Choices:
Mental Illness
Race and the Police
Police Training
Police Recruitment and Retention
Violence against Vulnerable Communities (Immigrants, LBGTQ, People w/ Disabilities
Gun Violence
Community Trust
Due Dates: Sunday- May 1 Project Proposal Worksheet Due
Friday- May 13 Final Paper Due

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