Critical appraisal tool

1) For this assignment you will choose one critical appraisal tool, to appraise three articles from your literature review.

Critical appraisal is integral to the process of Evidence Based Practice. Critical appraisal aims to identify potential threats to the validity of the research findings from the literature and provide consumers of research evidence the opportunity to make informed decisions about the quality of research evidence.


Tools: AMSTAR-2 or AGREE II tool


Apellido, R. (2019). Night Shift Work and Weight Gain Among Female Filipino Nurses. Journal of the New York State Nurses Association, 46(2), 12–25.


Ielapi, N., Andreucci, M., Bracale, U. M., Costa, D., Bevacqua, E., Bitonti, A., Mellace, S., Buffone, G., Candido, S., Provenzano, M., & Serra, R. (2021). Insomnia Prevalence among Italian Night-Shift Nurses. Nursing Reports, 11(3), 530–535.


Lessa Cordeiro, E., da Silva, T. M., Cunha da Silva, E., da Silva, J. E., Galdino Alves, R. F., & Rodrigues da Silva, L. S. (2017). Lifestyle and Health of the Nurse That Works the Night Shift. Journal of Nursing UFPE / Revista de Enfermagem UFPE, 11(9), 3369–3375.

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