criminal justice SOC 354

You must read the assigned chapters (4 and 5) before participating in this discussion. 
Carefully read the short article  (  ) 
Discuss the findings of retired L.A. County Sheriff’s Police Sgt. Richard Valdemar. 
How do Law Enforcement institutions understand "Gang Affiliation"?  ( 180 words ) 
& for the rest please answer these questions 
1.Provide some examples of “Hitting up”
2.Why is emotional control and “knowing the rules” important?
3.What is the importance of knowing where to go and how to dress?
4.How is “Knowing what to say” crucial?
5.Explain: The Known and unknown
6.Describe prompting Violence and ranking out
7.Describe: Hitting up as a resource/Gangs as a resource
8.Described the “Cliques”, “crews”, and hard core gangs at CAA
9.Varieties of Gang Involvement –  Explain: “One person could embody every variety at different times, or represent himself as embodying different varieties with different people” (pg. 101)
10. Who would be labelled as being a “Wannabe” or “Hook”?

11. What is the difference between being In a Gang but not Gangbanging/Kicking it with a gang?

12. Explain: Gangbanging with difficulty and gangbanging to the fullest
13. How do people avoid gangs and how are they claimed?

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