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Answer the following questions:

  1. Describe the themes that were extracted from user-generated content, and used to analyze Green Zebra and its competitors. (10 points)

  2. Create a SWOT framework to compare Green Zebra to Amazon Go and 7-Eleven.  Identify the major areas for improvement that would require addressing weaknesses of Green Zebra. (20 points)

  3. What are the areas of improvement based on user-generated content? (10 points)

  4. Describe the convenience store market using Porter’s 5 Forces framework.  (10 points) 

  5. What is the customer value proposition of Green Zebra?  Do the data support the customer value proposition?  Explain specifically why or why not. (25 points)

  6. Should Sedlar pivot her strategy? Explain specifically why or why not.  If she pivots, what assumption/uncertainty should she test first? (25 points)

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