Cover Letter

Cover Letter Required. 


  • One Page; Single Spaced; Normal Margins; balance top/bottom and left/right white space. 
  • 200-400 Words; Closer to 300 the better; Reader Friendly/Compliant Paragraphs; the longer the letter/paragraphs, the less likely someone will read it. 
  • Format/Spacing; Compliant with sample doc. in required format. 
  • Spelling/grammar. 
  • Block Format; left justified vs. indented; 10-12 font (never fancy fonts);
  • Be succinct and concise; Not redundant;
  • Just the right amount of content vs .too much – with large paragraphs/small font to get it all in. 
  • Prioritize your soundbites vs. trying to touch on every EES/KSA soundbite possible.
sample attached. 

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