Course Work for Sociology

Question 1

“Read this text: Lets imagine that during a political election we placed voters along a spectrum from left to right depending on their political attitudes (the most left being extremely liberal and the most right being extremely conservative). As we continued to plot voters, a normal or bell distribution would begin to form, with the highest frequency of voters being located in the very middle. During elections, a conservative candidate would attempt to attract the median voter in order to gather the most votes. This same strategy applies to the liberal candidate. Candidates should prefer to place themselves as close to the middle to secure the most votes. What parts of the text above are best described as a theory or a model?”
Question 2

“Read this text: One field of sociology seeks to explain the various social institutions that exist within the world of sports. Two sociologists have presented evidence that soccer is popular amongst girls and women in the United States, while opportunities for females to participate in soccer are lower in nations where football is more popular, such as Brazil and England. They observed that more popular sports in America (such as American Football) offer fewer opportunities for women to participate than for men to participate. They characterized their observations as evidence for hegemonic masculinity in sports (Markovits & Rensmann, 2013).

a) Identify the independent and dependent variables in the above text.

b) Draw a graphical model with these two variables.”

Question 3

“If you have a theory that explains multiple cases, what term describes the value of this theory?”

Question 4

Identify the dependent and independent variable(s) in your proposed research. Explain why you chose these. 

Can you identify the direction and sign of the relationship between your variables? If so, what are they and how do you know?

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