Counseling Reflection

 APA format, be double-spaced, have 1-inch margins, and be in times new roman font. Minimum 2 pages, not including title page or reference pages please !!

you will watch a youtube video and listen to a podcast. The theme of both is Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
Part A:  What thoughts and feelings came up for you while reviewing the materials? How might you feel if you had a client who was struggling with trauma or posttraumatic stress disorder? Why is important to acknowledge trauma in those whom we Help (our clients)? How would you utilize trauma-informed care with clients?  
Part B: It is essential for human service professionals to understand and reflect on their own socialization by using critical thinking and analytic thinking about yourself. Identify various dimensions of your social identity. Describe your socialization and the emergence of biases, prejudice, and stereotypes. How might this impact your behavior, thinking, and relationships as future human service professionals? 
Part C: After reviewing the material, identify a minimum of three feelings you had while reflecting on this material and expand on where you believe these feelings come from. Then, discuss how these feelings impact the following areas: (1) your thoughts/opinions about this topic; (2) your behavior when meeting with a client who is impacted by this topic; (3) how these feelings will impact the overall therapeutic relationship between yourself and the client. 
Professional Development Question: Thinking about how this topic could impact a potential client’s life, how would you plan to support this individual? Talk about areas for professional and/or personal growth. 

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