Compliance with Labor Laws In Chapter 20, your textbook discusses different Labo

Compliance with Labor Laws
In Chapter 20, your textbook discusses different Labor Laws. In Health Information Management, it is important to understand local, state, and federal regulations regarding labor so compliance can be achieved. Read through the chapter and do a google search for local and state labor law.
Analyze the scenario below and describe the labor law violations you identify and justify why you believe each one is a violation citing the labor law.
Joseph Mann is a Level III Coder at St. Andrew’s General Hospital. He has been a coder for the past 10 years and has requested a new keyboard tray due to the development of carpal tunnel. His supervisor evaluated the request and denied due to budgetary constraints. He was advised not to go to Employee Health because if they found him to have an injury, he might not be able work resulting in job loss. However, he was informed that he is welcome to purchase and install any new keyboard tray he would like to have.
Joseph waited until payday and went to the local office supply store to purchase a new ergonomic keyboard tray. When he evaluated his paycheck, he was happy to see that he had been paid for 88 hours regular time. The extra 8 hours of regular paid for the new keyboard and tray. Overtime is not allowed, but sneaking in a few extra hours of work without overtime pay is always encouraged for nonexempt employees at St. Andrew’s. Joseph always tries to work a little extra.
*Do not forget to cite your sources.
350-word count minimum.
Please do not copy and paste from the internet. This assignment should be your thoughts, ideas, and words. Sources should supplement your assignment; they are not meant to be the entire assignment.

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