Competitive Advantage Discussion

A companys competitive strategy deals exclusively with the specifics of managements game plan for competing successfully. In other words, it is about its specific efforts to please customers, strengthen its market position, counter the maneuvers of rivals, respond to shifting market conditions, and achieve a particular kind of competitive advantage, within either for profit or not for profit organizations.

The most important differences among competitive strategies boil down to whether a companys market target is broad or narrow and whether the company is pursuing a competitive advantage linked to low costs or product differentiation.

Prepare for this discussion through the following steps:

  • Read Chapter 5 in Thompson, et al.
  • Read Illustration Capsule 5.1 Vanguards Path to Becoming the Low-Cost Cost Leader in Investment Management. P. 133.
  • Discuss competitive advantage as identified in the readings:

How has Vanguard used a passive index investing strategy to gain a competitive advantage in the investment market?

  • Initial post due by Wednesday.  Write a 300-word post addressing the question above. Be sure to include information from appropriate texts with proper citations and a reference section if citations are included.
  • Replies due by Saturday.  After reading the posts of all your fellow students, reply to two fellow students with a minimum 200-word post engaging their initial post.  Feel free to ask questions regarding the information they share.

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