Community Assessment (Windshield Survey) Group assignment. PowerPoint group pres

Community Assessment (Windshield Survey) Group assignment. PowerPoint group presentation (100 pts).
Choose a city within the Bay Area or a specific community/region of a city. Sign up by Week 2 with a choice of city and group members, at least 4 but not more than 6. Divide the work equally.
Review Chapter 12 of our course textbook—Foundations of Population Health in Community/Public Health Nursing, Stanhope & Lancaster (2018)
Use the Table 12.3 Windshield Survey Guidelines on page 213 and the Checklist for a Community Assessment on page 218. (There are several examples of Community Assessment Presentations posted on Youtube). Attached as a word document along with the breakdown of sections.
Include all of the components described in the Windshield Survey Guidelines and Checklist for a Community Assessment. Collect additional demographics, facts, data, population size, statistics, major socioeconomic characteristics from the pertinent County Public Health Dept website (sources and reports should be as current as possible), racial, gender, age, education, mortality, and morbidity data, vulnerable populations, risks to health. The Healthy Places Index should also be included as a component of the assessment.
Include some historical information on the community in the introduction. Take photos of interest in the community, such as medical facilities, parks, senior centers, stores, and billboards (absolutely no photos of people, including children). Use safety and awareness of your surroundings during the windshield survey. Slides should be professional, without the overuse of graphics or text. Minimum 15 slides and the total presentation should be no longer than 15 minutes. Include a title page and reference page (not included in the 15 slides)

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