Communication Leadership Presentation Violence and Conflict Resolution

Attached below are the instructions for the powerpint presentation.

Communication Leadership Presentation

Instructions: Develop a 9-15 slide PowerPoint presentation on the following topics related to communication and include an separate word document outline summary speaker notes for each PowerPoint slide.

Topic: Violence and Conflict Resolution

o Workplace violence
o Insubordination
o Patient/family dynamics & conflicts
o Communicating with victims (human trafficking, abuse, sexual assault)

Required Elements PowerPoint Presentation:
1. Keep words on slides brief. No more than 10 words per slide is a good guide.
2. Thoroughly explain how the topic impacts professional communication and teamwork. 
3. Include specific examples of how nurses can utilize concepts to improve nursing care.
4. Presentation must contain at least 5 key points (subtopics) related to assigned topic.
5. Pictures and/or graphics must be professional and relevant to topic.
6. Layout must be professional, neat, clear, and easy to follow/understand.
• Include a minimum of three scholarly/professional peer-reviewed references. 
▪ References used in this presentation should be no more than five years old. Exceptions include
seminal works, such as original publications by nurse theorists (classic source). 
▪ Use only scholarly/professional, peer-reviewed references. Do not use Wikipedia or internet
sources that are not officially recognized as authority websites, as such websites are not scholarly
sources. Also, keep in mind that not every .org domain is an authoritative website. 
▪ Graphics and/or pictures must be cited.
 APA Format:
• Presentation should follow APA guidelines 
• Reference page, in correct APA format

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