Choose your favorite moral theory and in one paragraph, tell me why it is your f

Choose your favorite moral theory and in one paragraph, tell me why it is your favorite. This paragraph will be the introduction to your paper.
Avoid explaining what a moral theory is, what ethics is, etc.
Instead, begin with a definition of your favorite moral theory. Then provide a clear reason for why you gravitate toward this theory. Next, list 3 strengths of your favorite moral theory, to support your reason. Finally, finish with a thesis statement that details what to expect from your final paper.
This paragraph should not exceed 8 sentences. 1-2 for your theory definition. 1-2 for your reasons why it is your favorite. 1 sentence for each supporting reason for a total of 3 sentences. 1 thesis statement.
Then, write one paragraph for each strength. In the paragraph, identify a weakness of the moral theory and how the strength overcomes this weakness.
For example, if I chose Ethical Egoism, I might say: A strength of ethical egoism is that it maximizes my self-interest. However, some may argue this does not provide a clear way to resolve conflicts of interest between myself and others. As a reply, ethical egoism rejects the idea that a moral theory should provide this guidance and stands firm that one’s self interests remain the ultimate goal of morality.
Aim for your paragraphs to be a minimum of 4 sentences to provide good discussions, reasoning and your use of one quote to support your statements. (I realize my above example does not contain a quote, but yours will.) Use quotation marks at the beginning and ending of a quote ” ” and place quotes inside punctuation marks.
Write your conclusion to wrap up your paper and recap your main points. Read your paper OUT LOUD to determine if it flows well or if there are any changes you need to make to help transition between paragraphs.
Aim for a conclusion paragraph of 4 to 6 sentences.

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