Chapter 3 – “Social Problems” To receiv

Chapter 3 – “Social Problems”
To receive full credit for this assignment, you must answer the following question(s) completely and correctly with specific, and properly cited, reference to course material. Answers should utilize complete sentences, be clearly and professionally written, and be free from spelling, grammar, word choice, and syntax (sentence construction) errors.
WRs submitted up to 72 hours late will have a minimal point deduction. Those submitted later will be awarded a maximum of half credit.
1. Define “individual discrimination” versus “institutional discrimination.” What is the difference between them? Give one example of each (these can come from course material or not).
2. In the “Mark of a Criminal Record,” summarize the author’s findings on the impact of both race and the presence or absence of a criminal record on the likelihood of being offered a job. What is the impact of skin tone on school suspension risk, according to Hannon and his colleagues? Do these results surprise you?

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