Chapter 3 Analysis

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In Chapter 3, look carefully at the practice passages at the end of the chapter.
Read Passage 1 and Passage 2 on page 34 and then look at the sample responses for those passages on page 35.
Look at the notes on the analysis for each one. PAY ATTENTION to the notes and the analysis. You will be doing something similar.
The TOPIC is one or two words (NOT a complete sentence) that describes what a passage is MOSTLY about. 
The ISSUE is the QUESTION that the author is presenting. It is always in the form of a questions. It is NOT always stated. The CONCLUSION is the answer to the question. 
For example: If you are reading an article about gun control, then the TOPIC would be gun control. The ISSUE might be: SHOULD the US impose stricter gun control laws? (notice how the ISSUE is phrased as a QUESTION).  The CONCLUSION is often stated, and is what the AUTHOR thinks (NOT what you think). For example, the CONCLUSION to that ISSUE might be: YES, the government SHOULD impose stricter gun control laws. *See the connection? 
Then, the REASONS support the conclusion! There are usually multiple reasons. Some are stated and some might be implied. This is where critical reading comes into play. 
Read the following passage and then ANALYZE the article:
“Should the U.S. adopt a national health insurance program? To justify radical departure from traditional forms of health care, proponents might reasonably begin by arguing that health services in America are so poor that greater governmental intrusion is imperative. But this does not seem to be the case. For example, since 1970, infant mortality has dropped 25 percent, life expectancy has risen by a year and a half, and 9 of the 10 leading causes of death have declined. 
Also, public opinion polls indicate that most Americans are satisfied with the care they receive. 
Nevertheless, do the people want a program of national health insurance? It depends on how the question is put. Phrased in terms of free medical care, the question understandably draws an affirmative response. But when an NBC survey asked about paying for the program through increased taxation, it was a different matter altogether. There simply is no convincing evidence of public demand for the kind of program that the president wants to impose on the country.”
(Identify the following for the article)
Copy and Paste the topic, issue, conclusion, and reasons. Then type your responses. Make sure to look at the EXAMPLES in the book. I should NOT see just a few words for the reasons. The reasons should be listed in complete sentences. Also, remember that sometimes the reasons are NOT directly stated, but sometimes implied. 
For the ANALYSIS, make sure to share your thoughts about the passage. What do you think is missing? Do you think the passage is persuasive? Do you think the reasons given are valid? This is where I want to see your thought process. 

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