Assignment – Stitching Together a Perspective on Organizational Design, Change, and Innovation

Assignment Prompt

One of the most important qualities that we develop as graduate students is an awareness of the thought leaders in our fields. This is the work that supercharges our activities as managers as the new ideas we come into contact with challenge our preconceptions. These ideas give us the opportunities to consider new avenues of action when navigating challenges.

This week’s assignment is designed to assist you in gaining literacy in the ideas of seminal thinkers in organizational change and innovation. It is not enough that we just understand the examples; we must understand the theories that are being applied around us in our professional environments. You may want to begin your search with the work of leaders such as those you considered in the discussion board this week (Deming, Drucker, and Senge) on their ideas; however, please feel free to open up your search in wider parameters concerning organizations, their structures, and operating environments.

Please identify a minimum of 5 sources from the library, produce an appropriate APA reference for each of these sources, and describe the core points of each of these authors in a minimum of 150 words for each source.

Finally, provide a 1 page conclusion, set apart with a proper APA heading, that synthesizes the ideas of each of the presented authors into an introductory, though well-informed, opinion of your own in the shape of a personal essay. For clarity, the conclusion does not require referencing.

Case Study


Joe and Mary are married for 6 years. Between them, they have five children. Both of them were previously married. Joe’s ex-wife claimed physical and mental abuse. Joe grew up with a physically abusive father and Mary lived with an over-possessive mother, was insecure, and suggest that ‘men cannot love.’ Mary has a six-month-old baby still breastfeeding. Joe is not happy when Mary is feeding the baby. He becomes angry. Mary is afraid he will hurt the baby.

Joe had been physically abusive to his biological children. He was never abusive to Mary or her biological children. Friends have indicated to Mary that Joe needs help, but Mary feels that Joe has changed.

Mary’s older daughter is afraid of Joe because her half-brother has told her stories of Joe’s behavior. Mary depends on Joe for financial support and feels that she cannot separate from him. Joe denies responsibility for former abuse and blames others for his behavior, and states that he loves Mary and his children. Joe and Mary have never discussed abuse.

All writing assignments, discussions, tests, examinations, projects must be created in a narrative format. Bullets points and lists are unacceptable unless the bullet points and lists are followed by an extensive detailed description or explanation that follows the narrative format – at least a paragraph (6 sentences). 


Please follow these directions in the following order:

The first paragraph – Analyze the case

Second paragraph – Recommendations for Joe

Third paragraph – Recommendations for Mary

Fourth paragraph – Recommendations for the children

Lastly at least four APA in-text citations and references (at least one APA in-text citation and one reference for the analysis and one for each recommendation)


We discussed the Internet of things (IoT) which in a nutshell describes the network of
physical objectshardware/softwarethat are embedded with sensors, software, and other
technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data (i.e. information) with other
devices and network systems. These devices range from ordinary household objects to
sophisticated industrial tools.
Please provide me an example of one these objects and/or industrial tools and explain how
that one item either uses either sensor technology, software or some kind of unique technology.
Please be specific and sure you tie in the following elements of IoT:

        • Senor technology does it use it and how?
        • Computing platform how do customers or and business access the platform?
        • Does it include smart technology or artificial intelligence (AI), if so, how exactly?

Please make sure that you are formatting citations within APA guidelines.  Your submission should be prepared at a minimum 3 pages Word document but not longer than 5 pages double-spaced. Times New Roman font, 12 pitch, double spaced.  Title page and the reference page are required, format your in-text citations and reference.

cj3307 wk 8 discussion

Which of the fear reduction strategies (street lighting, property identification projects, crime prevention through environmental design, or foot patrols) do you believe holds the most promise and why?

I have attached some of my classmate discussion examples.

Thank you 


Case Study 2 – 15%

Review your notes, the chapters, read the article and answer these questions:

  1. What are some of the ways in which clients see value?
  2. What is the difference between absolute and perceived value?
  3. What is the difference between Intrinsic and Associated value?
  4. What are some ways to enhance customer perception of value?

  • Please put your .doc .docx or .txt document (PDF -5%) into the Turnitin box below
  • Students must sign the “Learning Contract” in week 1 to receive marks
  • Only assignments uploaded to Turnitin will be marked

You must write your own answers – All papers will be screened for plagiarism. PLEASE PUT YOUR DOCXX  IN pdF


  • You must write the assignment using your own words and using your own original thinking or analysis.
  • If you use any secondary sources (work published by an author on websites, or in books, journals or magazines) they should be there to support your own original words and thoughts, not to replace them  
  • If you use secondary sources you must use the 3-step process of citation:


1) put quotation marks (  ) around the text that is from another source


2) put in-text references in brackets following the citation and using the APA citation style


3) put a Reference List at the end of your assignment giving a detailed and alphabetized description of your secondary sources listed according to APA style requirements

sales plan for Bath & Body Works



**Create a sales plan for Bath & Body Works.**


You can have more than 4 sources but 3 of them have to be ones listed below.

In your sales plan:

  • Define and analyze a set of sales goals for the business, and justify why those goals were chosen.
    • Be sure the goals are measurable.
  • Analyze viable sales strategies and at least two tactics that are suited to the target market, and explain why they are suitable and were selected.
  • Create methods or actions to motivate and manage your sales team, including why the methods or actions can be successful.
  • Create a well-supported evaluation plan with plausible and thoughtful rationales.
  • Analyze an integrated marketing plan, including how it will impact the sales plan and business.
  • Cite any sources you use.

Additional Requirements

Your assignment should also meet the following requirements:

  • Written communication: Communication should be clear and well organized, and support a central idea, with no technical writing errors, as expected of a business professional.
  • References: References and citations are formatted in consistent style, with a preference for using APA style and formatting. Refer to the Evidence and APA section of the Writing Center for guidance.
  • Number of resources: Use a minimum of three scholarly resources related to the content of the assignment.
  • Length of paper: 56 typed, double-spaced pages, in addition to the title and references pages.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
REFERENCES: (Use 3 sources from below and you can add any other sources that arent the ones listed below)
  • Plaksij, Z. (2021, March 18). Sales process: A roadmap to better sales performance in 2021. SuperOffice.
  • MacDonald, S. (2021, March 18). 21 powerful sales techniques (backed by scientific research). SuperOffice.
  • Patel, S. (2017). 6 ways to motivate your sales team. Inc.
    • Salesforce. (n.d.). Sales 2020: A look at the future of sales organizations Video | Transcript.
    • Morrow, J. (2011, October 31). How to sell without selling your soul: 8 sales techniques for the righteous. Copyblogger.

Unemployment in the united states

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics at  can be useful to gain insight into unemployment in the United Sates. Take the time to look carefully at who is and who is not counted in the unemployment rate. Look into other issues such as, but not limited to: Just be sure to answer in a paragraph based essay format.)    answer questions

1. How we get our unemployment figures (i.e. survey methods used) and what flaws exist?.  
2. The issues of over and under employmentare they part of the unemployment rate?   
3. How has the COVID pandemic affected the labor markets?

Contract Scenario

Contract Scenario
Calvin had been an avid coin collector for many years, and the most valuable coin in his collection was an uncirculated, mint condition, 1943 Lincoln penny made of copper (most pennies made during World War II were made of zinc because copper was needed in the war effort). That penny had a value of between $60,000 and $95,000.
In August of 2017, Calvin had a serious stroke that left him unable to speak or walk, but his doctor assured his family that Calvin would recover over time with intensive therapy.
Calvin was a widower and did not have any children, but he had several nephews who visited him from time to time as he recovered. None of the nephews had any real interest in Calvins coin collection. One of Calvins nephews, Billy, who visited Calvin more often than the other nephews, sometimes listened to Calvin talk (talking was a part of Calvins therapy) about his mounting medical bills and his coin collection, but Billy never showed much interest in the medical bills or the coin collection.
In October, as Calvins recovery progressed slowly, Billy visited Calvin and told Calvin that he had been reading about coin collecting, and he realized that Calvins collection, especially the 1943 Lincoln copper penny, was valuable, and Billy suggested that Calvin should consider selling the 1943 Lincoln copper penny and use the proceeds to pay his medical bills. Calvin resisted the idea at first, but Billy continued to urge Calvin to sell the penny so that he would not have to worry about the medical bills. Finally, when Billy told Calvin that he would arrange the sale of the penny for a commission of just 5% of the sale price of the penny, Calvin began to think that selling the coin might be a good idea. He was still a little confused about how the sale would work and what Billy would do to make sure that the penny would be sold for the best price. Calvin told Billy that he thought that the penny was worth almost $100,000, but Billy assured Calvin that the market had changed recently, and that the penny was now worth $40,000 to $45,000. Eventually, Calvin allowed Billy to sell the penny for the best price he could get and to take a 5% commission for arranging the sale of the penny. Billy then sold the penny to a friend for $40,000, took his 5% commission, and paid the remainder of the sale price to Calvin.
A few months later, as Calvin continued to recover, he read a story in a coin collecting magazine about how an uncirculated, mint condition, 1943 Lincoln penny made of copper had just sold at auction for more than $100,000, and Calvin began to wonder if Billy had taken advantage of him. Calvin consulted a lawyer and asked the two questions below.
  • Did he (Calvin) have the mental capacity to enter into the contract when he agreed to let Billy sell the penny? What would he (Calvin) have to prove to show a court that he did not have the necessary mental capacity when he authorized Billy to sell the penny?
  • Did Billy exert undue influence over Calvin to cause Calvin to enter into the contract that allowed Billy to sell the penny?
What do you think? Does Calvin have a case to set aside the contract with Billy on either of these theories?
Your case study should be at least two pages in length and include at least two outside sources. Be sure to use APA formatting for all citations and references.

Research & Technical Approach


Post a summarized write up of theirResearch and Technical Approach towards their Capstone Project. Assignmentshould reflect a minimum of 200 words for each question posed.

The summary should include the following: 

  • How you intend to conduct your research? Explain
  • What you intend on researching? Be specific
  • What you envision the technical components of your capstone project proposal will consist of?

Project Proposal Attached below