According to Bauer (2004) onboarding systems range and vary from highly structured to a more ‘sink or swim’ approach. Research shows that formal onboarding significantly increases employee satisfaction and retention, yet many companies lack solid onboarding processes to help the new employee to understand their job and the organizational culture and to become connected to the organization. Onboarding has four distinct levels or building blocks: Compliance, Clarification, Culture, and Connection. The degree to which an organization addresses all four of these is broken into three levels:

High Potential
Onboarding strategies (check the attachments)
Bauer, T. (2004)
Consider the best and worst onboarding experiences you’ve had and compare them by applying the Onboarding Strategy Levels and how they addressed the four C’s.
Have you ever left a job because of poor onboarding? 
Put yourself in the shoes of an employer who has limited time and financial resources for onboarding, what strategies would you use to effectively onboard your new employees?

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