BUS241 Principles of Accounting Professionalism Project This project meets Cours

BUS241 Principles of Accounting
Professionalism Project
This project meets Course Objective 9: Demonstrate the ability to act professional in the workforce. You will use business core competencies (see syllabus) through writing, critical thinking, research, and information technology.
Using Microsoft Word (only), you will complete the Professionalism Project. Carefully follow the instructions given below.
Read through the ethical scenario below. Refer to prior chapters and your own individual research to answer part 1 as it relates to ethics. Then respond to each question listed below the scenario. Full points cannot be earned if you do not address every question. Your responses should be well-reasoned and written in full sentences. Correct grammar and punctuation are expected and will be graded. Please view the grading rubric below.
Ethical Scenario
Harley Blythe is the accounting manager for All About Style, agraphic design company specializing in projects for small businesses. As part of her job, Harley is responsible for preparing the company’s adjusted trial balance from which the financial statements will be prepared. Her supervisor, Lynn Alexander, placed a “firm deadline” of Friday at 5:00 pm for the completion of the adjusted trial balance. Unfortunately, Harley was not able to get the trial balance to balance by the due date. The credit side of thetrial balance exceeded the debit side by $2,500. To meet the deadline, Harley decided to add a $2,500 debit to the vehicles account balance. She selected the vehicles account because it will not be significantly affected by the additional $2,500.
1. Did Harley behave ethically? On which accounting principles or assumptions do you base your answer? Please discuss.
2. Who is affected by Harley’s decision? How will they be impacted? Please discuss.
3. How should Harley have handled this situation?
Requirement 1: Create a list of five characteristics you feel best describe professionalism in today’s environment. These can be internal (work ethic, personality, etc.), external (dress code, punctuality, etc.) qualities, or a mix of both. Be creative as you think of traits/behaviors you deem the ideal employee, co-worker, boss, etc. would demonstrate.
Requirement 2: Next, discuss just one out of your top five characteristics you listed above. For the characteristic you choose, give an example of an experience you have had, heard of, or can imagine where someone has demonstrated that trait. Did that individual live up to your expectations of a professional in the long run? Please discuss.
Requirement 3: Finally, give an example of someone who did notphysically appear “professional”, but surprised you as a highly professional individual. OR, if you have not experienced that scenario, then discuss an example of someone in business demonstrating an unprofessional behavior or attitude.
Here is an example: Suppose John shows up the first day to a new job thirty minutes late, you may assume that he is unreliable or a slacker due to this act of unprofessionalism. Was your impression correct? Was he less than ideal in the professional world over the long term or did he turn out to be a model employee that justhappened to have a bad first day due to car trouble or something else?
**Remember, points are earned by fully completing each requirement listed. Your responses should be coherent and written in full sentences. Pay attention to your grammar and punctuation. Please view the grading rubric for the project.
Writing Mechanics
0 – 3 points
Writing is unfocused, rambling or contains serious errors; poorly organized; does not follow specified instructions
4 – 7 points
Occasional grammar or spelling errors; somewhat clear presentation of ideas; lacks organization; follows some instructions but not all
8 – 10 points
Demonstrates overall clarity and conciseness; writing is free of grammar and spelling errors; document isorganized and easy to read
Part 1: Question 1
0 – 2 points
Answer is very limited; fails to identify accounting principles and assumptions
3 – 5 points
Answer is somewhat reasoned, but limited; identifies accounting principles or assumptions
6 – 7 points
Answer is well thought out and reasoned; identifies appropriate accounting principles/assumptions is discussion
Part 1: Question 2
0 – 2 points
Answer is very limited;did not respond to question or only one of the two items
3 – 5 points
Answer is somewhat reasoned, but limited; discusses one or both items in the questions to some degree
6 – 7 points
Answer is well thought out and reasoned; identifies who is impacted by the decisionand how they are impacted
Part 1: Question 3
0 – 2 points
Answers the questions, but the response is very limited
3 – 5 points
Discusses an alternative action, but is not well reasoned or appropriate for the situation
6 – 7 points
Discusses an alternative action that is well reasoned and appropriate to the situation
Part 2: Requirement 1
0 – 2 points
Identifies 0 – 2 characteristics/qualities of professionalism
3 – 4 points
Identifies 3 – 4 characteristics/qualities of professionalism
5 – 5 points
Identifies 5 characteristics/qualities of professionalism
Part 2: Requirement 2
0 – 2 points
Does not respond to this requirement or provides a very limited response
3 – 5 points
Answered both queries, but response is somewhat limited
6 – 7 points
Answers both queries with good discussion and insight
Part 2: Requirement 3
0 – 2 points
Does not respond to this requirement or provides a very limited response
3 – 5 points
Provides one option, but somewhat limited response
6 – 7 points
Answers requirement with good discussion and insight

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