Bullying of children ages 6-10 in school, who identify as LGBTQ+

Identification of a social issue affecting your local community. Clearly 
articulate the issue to be explored and the question to be answered.
● Background on the social issue, including its historical, social, and political 
roots, should be explored. This section should contextualize local information 
to state, national, and/or global concerns.
● Positionality: Positionality represents a space in which objectivism and 
subjectivism meet and we can never truly be free of subjectivity. Read this 
article and identify your intersectional identities, including race, ethnicity, 
gender, sexual orientation, class, religion. Who are you? What role does your 
positionality play based on your intersectional identities in studying this 
specific social issue?
● Jacobson, D. & Mustafa, N. (2019). Social identity map: A reflexivity 
tool for practicing explicit positionality in critical qualitative research. 
International Journal of Qualitative Methods. 18, 1-12. 
● Present your understanding of power and Systems of Oppression (SOP) 
and intersectionality.
● Identify two SOPs you will use as your lens for analysis of the social issue 
● Impact of these SOPs in the community, describe why you chose them 
and describe the impact.

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