Please answer the following questions by either using direct quotes or paraphrase with proper page citations. This “specific evidence” is a requirement to pass the assignment and to be reward points. 

  1. If fertility clinics are regulated, shouldnt adoption agencies also be regulated? Shouldnt there be age limits on who can adopt? Shouldnt couples also be banned from saying they want only a baby of a certain sex?

  2. Is it better to be born with a 65-year-old single mother than not to exist at all? Is this a fair question? Whats wrong, if anything, with the way this question is asked.

  3. Isnt selling ones eggs to the highest bidder like prostitution? Kant would object to both because they treat ones body as a mere means. Is it wrong to so commodify ones body and be paid for doing so?

  4. IVF may not be unnatural but gestating eight fetuses is. Theres perversity going on here and nature extracts a terrible price on the resulting kids. The same thing when an elderly woman gestates a baby with artificial hormones. Arent both processes thwarting nature, unnatural, and, hence, just wrong?

it is Chapter 5

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