Assignment You will write an excerpt of a novel. Your fiction piece is based o

You will write an excerpt of a novel.
Your fiction piece is based on at least two of the following: 
* Life as a Dream
* Life of the Artist 
* Family, Origins, Identity
You must specify which two you are choosing.
Your excerpt of a novel, must contains all of the following six elements in fiction:
* Setting:  Set the stage close to the beginning of the story with a sense of place that you are familiar with or that you can create naturally.
* Character:  Who is your main character? Are they living in the 21st century? What do they look like? How do they dress?  What are their beliefs? How do they act? What attitudes do they have toward life?
* Point of View:  Are you writing your story in first person, third person, omniscient or another point of view?
* Conflict:  This is the main issue of the story. Who wants what? How do they get it? Who or what stands in their way?
* Plot:  This is merely another name for the events in your story. What happens? Again, how does the character get what they want?
* Theme: What is the take away message?
It should also contain the following: 
* Poetic Diction: At least 10 of the words from this list
2. Venus de Milo
3. rutilantes
4. Montaraz
5. Wings
6. cavernosos
7. Pharo
8. Homer
9. Apollo
10. Jupiter
11. piramidal
12. phenotype
13. pythagorize
* Figurative Language: Novel excerpt contains at least 5 metaphors, 5 personifications, 1 simile, and 1 anaphora. 
* Foreign Language: At least 3 of your sentences contain one or more words in Spanish.
* Fantastic or Magic Realism: Your novel excerpt must include an element of the fantastic, as in Borges and/or Felisberto (i.e., the fantastic tests and/or bends the limits of reality) or magical realism, as in García Márquez or Junot Díaz (i.e., magical realism combines realism with the supernatural).
* Title & Epigraph: Your novel excerpt needs to have a title;
* It should also have an epigraph
* (in literature, an epigraph is a phrase, quotation, or poem that is set at the beginning of a book).
* For an example of an epigraph, see Clarice Lispector’s Água Viva, which includes a phrase by Michel Seuphor. 
* Choose epigraph from
* Valeria Luiselli’s, “Tell Me How It Ends: An Essay in 40 Questions.”

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